physical therapy

the physical therapy continues
it has been many many months since I have seen the physical therapist who aided me in getting my post surgery index finger to work again
I spend parts of every day trying to get this finger to bend and make a fist
it is a ugly joint
the five pins and a plate make it such that the finger will always be ugly and awkward
my physical therapy sessions continue to regain use and repair my shoulder
it is a completely different office and a completely different scene
both practices are proving to be effective in very different ways
the shoulder work outs take time
tonight I hit the gym in my inlaw's condo building here in florida
not many times I get to use that sentence, "tonight I hit the gym"
it felt pretty good even if I am very weak
being chronically lazy I know that joining a gym would be nothing by good intentions and a waste of money
yet I consider it just the same
maybe I could force a routine for at least six months
it would be nice to do some curls for the girls
acutally... it would be nice to ride and crash and not risk re-dislocating this shoulder
the wrong crash would dislocated the shoulder just as if it had never been dislocated again
the key is to strengthen the shoulder such that it does not dislocate in a crash situation that would not have caused dislocation if the joint had not suffered prior trama

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