the flow of traffic amuses me
as I ride my bike
as I walk my dogs
as I move about the busy streets with my kids
as I make that more frequent than occassional drive in my car
in all of these cases
I am amused by the flow of traffic

not just amused
also terrified and angered

what amuses me is that the effort to get their faster is really slowing things down
too many drivers confuse acceleration and maximum speed for getting their more rapidly
efficiency is the key
it is a bit more like the tortosie and the hare
or perhaps more like a couple of handfuls of marbles thrown into the sink
without thought the marbles knock into each other
too many marbles trying to fit into the same spot cause the marbles to get caught pressed against each other
stuck in place rather than passing on through

that is how the traffic flows in the city
due to the mindless momentum
the foolish confusion trying to achieve speed rather than using thought and seeking efficiency
never evoling never learning
always trying to force the square through the circle slot

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