popcorn... music to my ears

any of us that cook with microwaves have learned a few things a little bit about the functionality of these devices
or at least our own particular microwave device at home
or at the local 7-11 for others
when we travel we may encounter an unfamiliar microwave

a short while ago I had an old friend over for dinner

some time after dinner we were having desert...
actually it may have been our second or third desert
on top of a few too many glasses of red wine
there was a general concensus that cherry pie was a good choice
agreement was found that the cherry pie would be even better after being warmed in the microwave

I heated a slice

before I could put in the next slice rob stepped in with another slice on a plate then without hesitation he hit the popcorn button
with quick judgement I questioned the use of the popcorn button

to my hasty judgement their was a more rapid than immediate response
the explanation
went something like this..
when traveling we all encounter a variety of microwaves with various functionality and differing interfaces

rather than fumbling trying to learn each interface rob has adapted a system
he seeks out the popcorn button

we all have a basic idea what the popcorn button does
the popcorn button starts immediately and heats on high

it all made sense to me
I was a tad shamed

just this week past at my inlaws in florida
one morning at breakfast time I found myself in front of the microwave with a slice of cold pizza in my hands
rather than being stimmied I went for the popcorn button

the functionality met my needs

later that afternoon I returned to that same mircowave with more cold pizza

just as I was about to depress the popcorn button I spotted the pizza slice button
the microwave
so I hit this button instead
it started with its lights, it fans, its center tray rotation

the read out spelled out sensing pizza or something to that effect

I walked away
and was immediately distracted
a vacant moment passed and I rushed back to the microwave
the microwave was still running
the microwave was still sensing

I realized I was back in unchareted waters

had I stuck with the popcorn button as least I would have known I was on high
then could have guestimated the duration for this this many slices of deep dish pizza
not knowing what to expect remained in the cardboard pizza boxs I took everything out of the microwave
the chicago style deep dish cut into a square pie was awesome

rob is a talented musician who contributes to Fort Knox Five

before he was playing sitar with Theivery Corporation he was a good enough friend to play sitar at my wedding it was beautiful

for reasons too long to share my cable is out
thus giving my first evening in my own house no cable options
so I am watching a movie
every year at this time Fiddler on the Roof is on cable
rather than catch bits and pieces I ignored it knowing I had it at home in dvd form

so with no cable I selected Fiddler on the Roof for background to my blogging
at my wedding rob played a classic sitar noodling (raga?), amazing grace, and sunrise sunset
it is a beautiful song
this is a beautiful story
it is a beautifully filmed movie
wonderful direction to a touching tale
thank goodness I am blogging or I would end up crying

rob was also active in THUNDERBALL

no I am not eating popcorn
but I am drinking red wine
and the bottle is stopped with a beautifull wine bottle stopper that was a gift at rob and vida's wedding

image stolen from this old article

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