saturday today

things do not always go as planned
had big ideas for today
a night of a child with a fever
a dog with the runs
cut into our plans
here is how things played out

neither lisa nor I went to yoga
which altered my morning plans
I thought I would have the boys while lisa did her downward dog
instead lisa took the boys to target for some swim trunks
while I took the dogs to Rock Creek Park for a hike in the woods

after a healthy hike in the woods I had tentative plans to go riding with micro
there was talk of mount vernon or the capitol crescent
micro and I were unable to connect so I put the trailer on the back of the bike
grantman backed down as dean was already loaded up
the wind was strong so I did not mind not having grant add another 30 plus pounds to my cargo in the burley trailer
managed to pull dean into the wind both ways for roughly an hour forty-five
we did haines point... we did some monuments
circled the washington monument several times at its base
wondered what time it was as I saw the shadow of the largest sun dial I have ever seen
the wind whipped the flags in an audibly aggressive fashion

we returned home
we rushed
but we did not plan
it was too late for the SUBWAYS at the 9:30 Club
for a live Pancake Mountain event

another time
some days you try to do it all
end up being satisfied to have done some
no more links
got to shower, entertain the kids, and figure out dinner
supposed to meet micro for a drink....
so more goals to shoot for before the day is done

back from dinner
all went well
had dinner at noodles
it is a chain... but a tastee chain
now waiting to meet micro for a drink

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