scrooge (again)

scrooge and his cargo bike
taking a break and reading the city paper
I should take a closer look and link to the manufacturer
but... I really need to knock a few more things out before the day is done
enough distractions
photos on dcbca.org some
not sure which images are to be credited to scrooge


Bryn said...

if I'm not mistaken, that bike was built by one Mr. Jan van der Tuin (I've got the spelling wrong, I'm sure - say "Yon van der tine"), who runs an amazing bike shop/co-op/charter school in Eugene, and may be singlehandedly responsible for bringing Community Supported Agriculture to the US. I worked alongside him at Full Circle Farm in Eugene. Those Dutch forestry experts are some illustrious mofos...

gwadzilla said...

thanks for the info...
is this the same Bryn with the purple rim on the front of a gray track bike?

bryn b said...

yeah same bryn, though I'm usually rocking a different bike these days, with an equally inappropriate colour scheme.