have not had the time to ride a bike while on vacation here in florida
have not had the time to go into any of the shops
passed a few
shot a few images as we drove past this shot in the naples area today
on the way to and on the way back from the naples zoo with the kids

great zoo....
except for the cost
a bit pricey
it is evil how the enterance and exit drag you through the gift store
that is just not fair
so hard to be a parent and take a kid through that stuff

I want these trips to the zoo/museum/or aquarium to be about the visit
not about walking away with a toy
we need to go cold turkey
cut off the kids on the museum store purchase
tough as grandma wants to treat their kids to something
then dad looks evil if he refuses it
but it sucks to be at the museums in dc and have my kids drag me straight to the store
sometimes I feel like dean wants to go to the museum to get a toy
he does not get anything everytime
he gets something frequently enough to reinforce this notion

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Anonymous said...

My parents live in Naples. I ride with these guys when I'm visiting.

Depending on the day it can be real fast.