not sure why....
blogger is ruining my blog-fun by denying my posting of images
plugged into the router thinking it was a weak WiFi connection
that changed nothing
really takes away the flow of creating and viewing the pages

this month's SPOKES magazine has an article from fellow blogger Captain Jack Sparrow
not just an article, but a cover story with images
well worth a look

while gwadzilla tried typing into Word rather than Blogger
tough having an audience of the masses
swing by your local Mid-Atlantic bicycle shop and grab a copy of SPOKES
there are a variety of articles that will entertain many aspects of cycling mind

just submitted another article for next month
the topic for April?

in the BLOG article I plug a variety of blogs
wanted to plug more
but... wanted an article not just a list

off the top of my head
bikeblogs,bicycleblogs, washcycle, bikeportland, fatmarc (aka david karesh), fatmarc's cult, jeremiah bishop, marla streb, gundog99, goclipless, bluecolarmtb,singlespeedoutlaw, bikecentric, then there were those abroad... velorution and martino's bike diary
and of course... those in alaska; up in alaska and bicycles and icicles
that may be it
others had been listed or mentioned
but... the article was getting to be too long
some ideas had to hit the edit room floor
wanted to turn everyone onto so many great blogs
hopefully the links will take them there

to give warning to those authors to be on their best blog behavior
or better yet... be on your worst blog behavior
the article should be out in April
tried to get the reader to understand navigating the blog...
so the links on those pages may get attention as well
the article may go ignored

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