tape recorder

I have been thinking of getting a tape recorder
it is something that I have been meaning to do for some time
it is not like it would be expensive
I just have not done it yet

there are a great number of things that I have been meaning to do
always the best intentions
not always the best with the follow through
well, this tape recorder is on the list

the tape recorder could document some great things...
I could carry it with me as I ride
on long rides as I get hypoxic and my mind wanders... for me that happens pretty early in the ride
I could do my talking to myself out loud... instead of just in my head
when I walk the dogs in the woods and I get these ideas... I could harness them
when grant is quoting the trailer to Over the Hedge
when dean is singing along to bob marley legend
when I go see my 96 year old grandmother in florida this weekend....

I should just hit staples around the corner from work and grab a thirty dollar digital recording device
I should also get myself some under water disposable cameras for the florida trip as well
I should keep the promise to myself.... no coffee after 6PM


fatmarc said...

send me your address, I have an old recorder that i would give to you.


gwadzilla said...

will do
thanks marc....
or maybe
you will think about the great PODCASTING that could occur from your site

"it is midnight here in deleware... the world is asleep except for the the bats, the owls, buddy, fitz, and myself... we are half way through our second loop at Fairhill... not bad for a tuesday night... 50 miles will be good for a rest day"

or something to that effect
I would have mention Jet Bagger...
but that night ride sounded past his bedtime