temporary blog? or the start of something big?

my brother is out west on a ski trip with some old college buddies
it is one of those situations where it would be fun to be "a fly on the wall"
or by modern day standards... a reality show

it is always comical to see these guys get together
they are a colorful bunch
there are always quasi intellectual debates about nothing
there is always some sort of game or physical competition
whether it is croquet, basket ball, or four square.. it is played to the death!

there is always a story that comes away from the gathering
it seems that one member of this party has BLOGGED about the happenings
so, the fly on the wall is not a camera... but a monitor and keyboard

Kahlil's blog from Tahoe... 827STPETERST

as the younger brother
my brother's friends end up being my friends
as the younger brother
my brother's friends end up treating me like I am their younger brother
an odd set of rolls for all involved

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