that wave of thanks

in society there are certain little "nicities" that we use
those thanks that we say
we mean them... but they are some what retorical

in some cases I would prefer to avoid them all together

when out for dinner with the wife I tend to be polite to the waiter or bus boy as they refill my water or take away my dish
there is a short pause from the conversation that is usually accompanied with a glance, a nod of the head, and a verbal thank you
the thank you is meant...
that thank you should remain

while moving about the city streets on foot or on bike there are similar such exchanges
when crossing the street and a car yeilds to me there is often eye contact... then a thank and a wave
this thank and wave is given in most every situation... even if I as the pedestrian have the right of way
as a cyclist I experience the same sort of thing

when stopped at a four way intersection
(yes, I occassionally stop at stop signs)
I wait my turn
being a car driver and having an IQ over 80 I am able to establish by each person's arrival the line in the queue
when it is in fact my turn I take that turn and move forward... always paying close attention anticipating the action of the car drivers
so often when my turn arrives a car driver will wave me on
to that I am force to give that nod and thanks....
what am I thanking them for? not running me over?
they have let me take what is mine
is there someone I should be thanking each time I take a breath?
(okay... the religious types may have a response for that)
but there are certain things that irk me....

the same nod and wave of thanks aggatates me when I pull my dogs or children to the side of the alley so that a car can pass by
like the car has greater rights
and I am just a pedestrian in the way

yes... these little "nicities" are valuable
I like to hear a thank you when I hold the door open for someone
or when I yeild to them as we squeeze by a tight space in a hardware store or a restaurant

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