the times are changing

music was a big part of my life growing up
not that I was ever a musician
because I was not and am not a musician
but because I loved listening to music and going to music related events
all sorts of music

so many of my greatest memories are from concerts, shows, rallys, and whatever
even the high school dance was a great place for music
sometimes it was the music that was great
while other times the music was background to a great time
there were many nights in clubs and bars
there were countless road trips to various concert venues
so many great memories

I have seen the world change
punk rock was not store bought when I was growing up
no, it was something that was saught out
punk was a secret that was shared and discovered
we did not go to "concerts"
we went to "shows"
so, many of the local bands played at the community centers rather than the bars
it was a very different time
now you can get your punk image at the mall
then go see your favorite band at the local mega arena or stadium
it is all very different
it is packaged different
it is just different

the same goes for other aspects of music
the electronica movement has really exploded
from botlegged cassette tapes and warehouse parties
yes... we listened to cassette tapes
parties that were not announced till you purchased your ticket at a "map point"
well, now every coffee shop and bar is spinning music and flashing lights
the world is saturated
what was once label "uncool" is now hip and cool or actually just mainstream

the washington post has an article on sasha and digweed
also in the post is an article about a vegetarian place in shaw that has djs

not saying it is better or if it is worse
it is just different
we are all products of society
I grew up in a different time
it is sometimes odd to see the world around me
to see what is cutting edge
to see what is retro
so much that I do not understand
so much I do not care to understand

vegetate in shaw

banned in dc
the very clique-ish yearbook for the clique-iest anti-click there every was

discord records
the little label that started all
so much great music
a tad incestuous.... but great just the same

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Anonymous said...

I'm seventeen, and I also grew up into the whole punk scene. We still go to shows in basements. It's still underground. Literally. It's just that you're not part of the scene anymore, so you don't see it.