to keep you coming back

it is true
I am a blog whore
I claim I blog for myself
but I also blog to be heard

as much as this blog is about cycling
this blog is about me
and honestly... my kids are far more important to me than cycling
that said
abandoning them on semi-frequent Sundays to go mountainbiking does not mean that I do not love them
as there is enough love for my kids and my bikes

after I ride/after I race I feel more complete
so when I get home even if I am burned out or broken I still have time for my kids
the level of this could be stressed by my slowing to tell them what happened at Michaux last season when I destroyed my index finger
as I unloaded my car I paused and hung out with my kids and their friends
showed them the carnage
then went to the ER

the same happened when I dislocated my shoulder
only I was in greater pain and in more of a rush
which is odd... as my shoulder was no longer dislocated as I reduced the dislocation myself
while the afternoon with the finger... my finger was still broken and dislocated

there is some selfishness
as a hug from my boys is a very powerful painkiller

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