saw the film Alfie last night
really enjoyed how it was shot
really enjoyed how it was presented
although I did not watch it to its final moments
as the plot did not really carry for the full duration of a feature film

early in the film I thought that the film style reminded me of the Thomas Crown Affair, the original
then there is a scene where one of Alfie's wenches is watching a film, for a second you can see she is watching The Thomas Crown Affair
then this morning
I come to learn that Alfie is a remake as well
I will have to seek out that Michael Cane original

I must admit
the use of images in these films had me thinking of my collages
made me realize that I need to take the puzzle format and mix it up a bit
as it has gotten repetitive

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suz said...

hi gwadz. do you remember when alfie came out in the theatres? it was advertised as this romantic comedy of sorts and when i saw it i thought, "this isn't a comedy at all. what a sad film." i didn't think it was all the good. attractive people and all but that's about it.