another shot of lonnie

I have seen lonnie around for years
many years ago I managed a Big Wheel Bikes location on Capitol Hill
at Eastern Market
we shared a mutual friend who owns a rug store on the hill
our paths crossed from time to time
it had been years since we spoke
I had always known Lonnie to ride a mountainbike
so it was awkward approaching him
but... after my approach
I was glad I had
as we able to talk for a bit
we talked about life as he let me take these pictures
he is a good man
I need to make that trip to the Eastern Market
I could really use some Sandal Wood incense

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Bryn said...

After I'd been a messenger for about a year, I worked side-by-side with Lonnie doing FCC filings (which I think he still does). I learned a lot from him, not just about messenger work, but about DC streets and life in general. He worked at CCNV for years back in the day and has some crazy stories from that. Truly a DC legend.