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the apes
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who are "the apes?"
living in Mount Pleasant I am close enough to the National Zoo to hear the chants of the howler monkeys
people claim to hear the tigers roar.... I think it is the electronic audio of the tiger's roar
what about the apes?
I am close enough to hear them... why have I not heard them before
because I was not listening close enough
there are the apes... just blocks away.... and I can not hear them

last night I took the dogs for an urban walk
the dogs had already had a walk in the woods earlier that evening with me and the boys
but... both the dogs and myself could use a walk around "the hood"
as I have moved closer to rock creek park I have become somewhat disattached from so much that is mount pleasant

last night I looked at the buildings
watched to see whose porch has been painted and whose porch is falling down
walked past my old house and saw bulbs that I planted still coming to life
walked past the group house I lived in before that and saw that I have been gone so long from that house that trees have settled in
flourishing with deep roots and long branches

as I backtracked with a bag I found the package that brutus had left behind
not sure why he had not dropped it in the woods
although I am not perfect
I can not hate those that do not pick up their dog's poop if I do not pick up my dog's poop myself
hate being a hypocrite
although it happens some time

after locating his little package I continued home
as I looked at archetecture dogs smelled the signature of other dogs

in my random meanderings I ran into an old neighbor
we have each moved since we lived along side of each other
both staying in the same neighborhood
just as I have moved my focus from dogs to children so has she
I stopped and chatted
she had just returned from an urban walk herself
she was with this lady ape

it was interesting meeting one of the apes
her perspective amused me
I think I will have to dig deeper into her blog as she seems to be quite creative
I may even have to listen to some of their music
although I fear that I am too old and too square to appreciate it

long board skate video.... is that a cover or is that Minor Threat?

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