bad blood

lending and borrowing
for the most part lending and borrowing are a bad idea
trying to keep a rule of no lending and no borrowing may be a good rule
it is a hard rule to keep
it is better to maintain the no lending and no borrowing rule than to deal with the consequences

even people with the best intentions can fail to return borrowed goods
I myself... the one with all the rules... has an assortment of things that I borrowed from friends and have been delinquent in returning them

there are cds, dvds, a few tools, an old 16mm camera
any and all things borrowed stand out when I see them
I know that they are not mine
I know that I borrowed these things with the best of intentions to return them
so, when my son has friends over and they want to borrow stuff... I try to hold firm with the rule that there is no lending and no borrowing
we don't borrow other boy's toys
we don't lend other boy's toys
it is tough to say no
but the consequences of lending and borrowing are even more difficult to deal with

it may seem like a good idea to lend things out
it can be a kind and generous thing to do
but... for the most part there is a simple rule
never lend out anything that you are not prepared to give away
as what is lent out may come back broken or not come back old
this goes the same if you lend out something to a 5 year old or a 35 year old

the lending and borrowing of bicycles or bicycle tools most certainly has causes bad blood in various relationships in the past
it is better to just give someone something than to lend it to them

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