checkers is safer than javolin catching

the fact is the second you get off the couch out from in front of television then out your front door
well... the odds of something happen to you increase
there are various activities and interests that increase the odds of something happening
by something happening I am in this case refering to injury

years ago I was enjoying the pleasures of snowboarding on a healthy regular basis
there were times when I would be carving this massive gs turns at maximum speed and I would slam to a panic stop halt and remind myself that I did not have health insurance
then I would point it down the hill and put it out of my mind
the skill... the risk... and the danger all grew and accelerated together

the snow was good and the freedom to try stuff increased
with the increase in trying new things there were those elevated risks
seemed like a number of people were getting hurt
I was riding the chair with one guy that spent his summers at mount hood and his winters in summit county
we were going to take a few runs together as we happened to run into each other at the chair
as we road the old falcon chair up peak ten we talked about the options, our directions, our intention
the burn sounded good
but a hike up to billy's bowl may have been the choice
as we scanned the runs benieth of us there was a site

a bad site.... a man down... patrolers alread on the schen
it did not look good
the guy by myside immediately recognized the downed rider
I knew the name but did not know him well
he was there with his board still on his feet
his body on one side of a tree and his leg on the other
still connected but clearly a broken femer

the dangers are known
the risks are part of the game
no one would wish such an event upon anyone
it sucks for someone to get hurt doing the things they love
the injury in itself is a bummer
but the inability to part take in the passion that brings such pleasure may be a bummer of greater weight
to watch your friends go on without you

no it is not the end of the world
but... it is a bummer

last week a friend broke his clavicle
hopefully this is no more than a speed bump in the road of life for him
as I tried to tell him
he is a cyclist for life, not just for one season
hopefully he meands up quickly

I need to give this Sopranos my full attention

google PARKOUR
some cool stuff
when we were teen agers.... that is so much like how we spent out time
both in the city and in the woods
but we lacked the cool french name and well... weren't doing flips and any of that real crazy stuff


Mrs. Outlaw said...

It's scary when you ride up to the scene of an accident. Last night as we were finishing our ride @ Patapsco we came upon a rider who shot off the Waterbar trail and ended up face down in a stream. He was totally out of it and kept asking if he was dreaming. It was weird. By the time we left the scene, there was an ambulance, couple of fire trucks, cop cars etc., must have been a slow night. Hope the guy's okay!

gwadzilla said...

that sucks
hope he is okay
hope I can ride a few more years before my next injury

megan said...

injuries. accidents. risks. as cyclists, we've all experienced them. if anyone really sat down and thought hard about all this...maybe youd never get on a bike again! a woman was hit yesterday afternoon in austin. the driver that hit her kept going. she died. this post hit home and was well written. keep riding.