cyclist down

we are all brothers on the bike
this is not a solidarity that demands a smile or a wave at each passing
but when another soldier goes down
I think that we should all pause for a moment

I am back from my pause

megan ann of of chainsaw panda on a bike in austin posts about a friend on the bike who was the victim of hit and run
the end of a story that no one ever wants to hear

ride of silence


gewilli said...

not what ya wanna hear... too many brothers and sisters are taken from us doing what we all do...

Ride of Silence is a great way to recognise those who have fallen...

megan said...

thank you for the link over. another cyclist collided with a tractor trailer today when he pulled out in front of her. she lived with injuries. unreal.
anyway. keep riding. bike revolution. thank you again.

Squirrel said...

We in Des Moines started doing this last year during our ride to work week. Only makes sence.


Nat Pellman sent me the tattoo with One Gear, One Mind on it, but I'm sure its out there in other places:)

Martino said...

Ride on, brothers.
We lost two in Toronto yesterday.
Worst day ever.

Atkinson said...

Hiedelberg Man,

I have been riding Wiamea Canyon Road on Kauai like a fiend. Check out the topo if you dare.

but now I am back.


gwadzilla said...

I am Heldleberg Man!

gwadzilla said...


back in the county?