dc streets


Anonymous said...

i have a question:

on average, how many of these photos do you take while actually physically in the act of biking?

they are always interested, i love seeing photos online and guessing where they might be, or knowing right off...


gwadzilla said...

you know...

I carry the camera....
never take any photos while biking
always tempted
if I were to stop to take one photo
I would have to stop and take a thousand

today I am going to try and take some photos of the trail while biking
that is a concious thing

most every image I take is while walking around my office at lunch

have thought of mounting my camera on my handlebars

maybe I should just keep it in my pocket

the reality is...
with two kids and the two dogs
I do not have as much time to ride as I would like
if I went out for an hour or so
stopped for a few photos
chatted with some people (I can be a chatty cathy)
then my hour ride may only include thirty minutes of riding
and well
I need to ride more than I need to take pictures
taking pictures will not keep me sane
riding will