dogs, cats, and exotic birds

if my rare and expensive exotic bird got out of its cage and "flew the coop" so to speak
then that rare and expensive exotic bird ended up in a cat's mouth...
do you think that a cat owner would do much more than shrug your shoulders and say... oh well

well, what if my dogs were going down the sidewalk and out of my control someone's cat ended up in my dog's mouth...
well... it would be the start of a civil war
the streets would divide
cat people would unite
craig's list, urban moms, and every other forum I can not think of at this moment would be chock full of comments...
it is something I do not even like to think about

(I better watch what I say as I do not want to offend The Old Bag as I know she loves her furry fish that swim around the house)

what if my dogs did not catch this said cat... but in the process of chasing the cat got run over by a car
do you think the cat owner would do much more than shrug their shoulders?
I guess there is not just one cookie cutter answer

well.... my dogs did not eat a cat
but... a leashless cat arroused my dogs...
my dogs did what dogs do and gave into their nature
in a lunge, a jump, and a little chase after the cat my four year old son was pulled to the ground
the cat climbed a tree
no one was hurt
but... what if?
I hate to think... what if?
but what if my son had broken his arm or chipped a tooth?
is the cat owner to blame?

there must be some cause and effect
some sort of legal if then

I am really confused by this....

help me out

of course the hypothetical continues
the variables continue to mount as well
what if the cat gets run over by a car?
what if my dog got run over by a car?
more likely the dog than the cat as cats are more smart than dogs about some things
yet neither is as smart as the fox
back to my point...
what was my point?
oh, what if....
what if
okay... you get the idea

I hate what ifs and worst case scenarios


gwadzilla said...

oh... I do not have a rare, an exotic, or an expensive bird
I have no bird at all
I did at one point collect bird cages
but I am not sure if my tossing away two broken ones still allows me to call it a collection

how many items qualifies as a collection?

I have been meaning to do a bat house project
it does not need to happen today
it does need to happen

ETJB said...

your son isn't ready to walk a dog by the leash, unable to handle the hazard of a cat. Therefore, it is your fault since you are his guardian.

gwadzilla said...

I understand the law
and when the law involves the action of a minor
you as a recent father will soon cross a similar set of bridges

I would have preferred your answer as a cat owner
but then again
I am sure we have had this conversation many times
either when we join for walking my dogs in the park
or when I am loading up your cats with cat nip

so I am sure once you start.... I would already know your arguement

gwadzilla said...

my wife could be pulled over by the dogs when they lunge for the cat

ETJB said...

if the law says that cats cannot roam without leashes (i don't know), then it is the cat owner's fault.
What if your dogs chased a squirrel?

gwadzilla said...

cats need to be on a leash....

this is an arguement not worth having
as it is too much "show and tell" and too many "what ifs"

it is a parent's responsibility to keep their child from running into the street
does that mean that a car can go as fast as it chooses in residential neighborhoods


it takes a village

not just for kids
but for a community as a whole

cats need to be on a leash
cats need to be in control

the same goes for dogs....

if my dogs chase a squirrel...
they have already broken the law by being off a six foot lead

as it is now
my dogs can not read
so the law means nothing to them

ETJB said...

my cats are in control. they just sit there and watch. when dogs run up to them, they scratch their noses and the dogs run away humiliated.

but the law in dc may say that cats need to be on leashes.

last spring, 2 little girls across the street were playing on their porch with their pet rabbit when an unleashed dog ran up and carried it away while the little girls shreeked...