a few quick thoughts from the weekend

went to yoga yesterday
it was good to be back into the downward facing dog
the class I attend is an open ashtanga class
not the straight series, more of a move at your own pace set of moves that improve a person's ashtanga practice
this works for me as I can work around my inabilities
once a week is really not enough to really advance at yoga
yet, once a week is better for the body than no yoga practice at all

my body is stiff by nature
being away from yoga has allowed me to drift back to being more stiff
the injury to my hand
the injury to my shoulder
years of injuries before last year
these things make my yoga efforts less than dynamic
the feeling I get is dynamic
even if the poses I hold hardly resemble the desired Ashtanga pose

after yoga it was a day of rain
once the rain settled I leashed up the dogs and suited up the boys
walking in the rain is good for the soul
not enough people walk in the rain
most people avoid walking
most people avoid the rain
as I finished getting the boys dressed in their rain boots and rain jackets I saw friend and fellow City Bikes Mountain Bike Team member Joe Foley roll down the hill on his bike
it is not hard to see what Joe Foley has done to become NEW AND IMPROVED

I ride when I can
which is not as frequent as I would like
I have to be satisfied with my input to reward ratio

my arms are feeling the burn from yesterdays yoga workout
it is a good burn
would be a nice day to get on the bike
that won't happen
there are many other things that need to happen first

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