friday night... now

right now
friday night right now
what am I doing?
the obvious... I am blogging
blogging while watching some television
wanted to get a quick idea
need to get something down quick
thought I had something to say
but Ellen on HBO is too hilarious to only get partial attention

what was I going to say?

something about fun or funny
totally lsot my thought
partly due to ellen
partly done to the glasses of wine

it is friday night
someone slow me down
okay, let me go
it is friday night

so, today was a wonderful day in a mellow way
work was mellow
busy and steady yet mellow with some time for fresh air some time to kill
out of work ready for a ride
talk of rain drops do not slow my intentions down
warning from coworkers out the door
not made of sugar I have nothing to fear

down the road not even a block
the raindrops fall hard, yet intermident, the clouds saying more

gortex pants and windstopper jacket
full finger gloves warm enough for the rain
into traffic headed to Georgetown
clouds get darker
the odds of rain become more clear
the laptop in my pack's weight was not a good enough excuse
but rain on the laptop was the excuse I was looking for
a block into georgetown and I turned it around

the wind kicked up
I got more definite about my course
the most immediate way home
the bike path along side of rock creek parkway

I take a uturn on m street
I take a hairpin turn to get on the bikepath
in my turn I see a familiar figure
my mind runs an algorhythm
I stopped the bike and turn around to see if my mind had resolved the question
is that joe foley?
yes, it was joe foley

it was a bummer
we were headed home
the rain was coming
neither of us had time to ride or time to chat

so we pedaled towards home
we live in the same neighborhood
we live on the same street
so we pointed the same way and pedaled towards home

I had noticed Joe's bike
he was on his pretty red spot single speed cross bike
so I dropped it a few gears
also, wanted to chat rather than race
we rode single file only to drift parallel for a second or two
then back to single file
as we approached the Q Street bridge I pointed to the dirt path offering joe to ride along side of me on his bike
the strips of dirt are really too short
on and off the trail
gone before the thought in sentence form left my mouth

we rode at a pleasant spin
catching up
spitting out questions and answers as we moved closer to home

we cross a small bike path bridge over rock creek that headed to a short uphill to a fork towards the calvert street bridge or dipping through the tunnel towards the zoo in rock creek park
off the bridge I slowed for a jogger
but also slowed to make an approach to through the sand to the singletrack path up the hill
on my jamis nova cross bike in a gear easy enough to climb the hill
in the saddle I moved up the hill will a certain level of confidence
a certain amount of pleasure and thrill

a few yards into a not so long hill I felt something to my side
as I passed a tree at the base of the hill what I felt became visible
joe foley was taking me on the grass
not on the path
not on the trail
joe was sprinting past me on the pathless grass
the new and improved joe foley had not let his heart rate raise
the new and improved joe foley did not break a sweat
not sure if the new and improved joe foley even had to get out of the saddle

it was fun to ride a little with joe foley
reminds me how much fun it is to ride with friends
makes me look forward to getting on the mountainbike
night rides and races are sure to offer some more of the same
which is not more of the same
it is one of the many things that I live for

joe foley

ellen was awesome
I think her delivery is amazing
her observations are fantastic
she has such charisma
I only forfieted a few minutes before the credits
on with larry david

speak of funny and tangents
today I saw Dick Gregory walking down the block
was with some friends
I recognized him from nearly a block away
a steady stroll revealed my recognition correct
as he passed we all gave a respectful hello
eye contact was good
yet his pace did not change
with eye contact still strong I thanked him for bringing Malcom X Park back to the people
it is a beautiful park
it is good to feel safe to visit beautiful parks in your neighborhood

he was gone as he arrive
not even off the block and there are more greetings
there are more waves and moving exchanges
he is a man of the people
being recognized and approached is nothing new

later that day a similar exchange with george stephanopoulos
but this is dc
seeing political figures in dc is like seeing movie stars in la or super models in new york

dick gregory
I really want to listen to some of his comedy stuff
let me take a break from blogging and see if I can hear some of his old school comedy
okay... maybe that image of that endorsed diet product is my effort at comedy

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