generosity... superstition... dangerous ground

for many people this is a very religious time of year
not sure how the Easter Bunny fits into all of this
but I can not say no to the candy

during this time of year I have recieved a number of cards from various relatives
there are certain relatives that send me cards around the time of religious holidays
often these cards contain a message that a mass was said in my honor or that a chicken was given to a family under my name
I am all for the chicken as I am a big fan of chicken
but the mass thing always leaves me feeling a little empty

as I am not religious myself
like to think of myself as spiritual
still searching
still trying to figure it all out
but most definitely not a big joiner for this organized religion thing
so this mass said in my name always hits me as a little odd

would it work for me to donate money in their name to my favorite charities?

if I were to send money to my organizations of interest as a gift to them
how would they respond?
Dear Grandma-
A donation has been made in your name to the International Mountain Bike Association.
Have a Nice Holiday
Happy Trails
your loving grandson
Dear Uncle Joe (i am not sure i have an uncle joe)
Happy Holidays!
This holiday season a gift has been given to the people of the Mid-Atlantic Off Road Enthusiasts!
Happy Trails
how would the recipient feel?
more then likely they would have that same vacant feeling that I get when I open the letter from them
a little question of "why?"
a little question of my motivation
a little question of my understanding of them
then the letter would be tossed aside

I am thankful that they are thinking of me
the fact that they feel that this action aids me does please me
but... I think that if they were to donate the money towards an interest that is more towards my liking would make sense
or maybe
just send another chicken
I am not against a family in Central America getting a chicken that they can name Gwadzilla

sometimes I wonder...
does god read my blog?
guess she doesn't have to
as she can read my thoughts
if god can read my thoughts.... I can type anything I want
as she already knows how I really feel
which also elimiates the need for prayer
as she already knows that I am thankful

no need to pray for this lottery ticket to be a winner
she is already reading my mind


the old bag said...





from the spiritual vs. religious to donating $$ to IMBA in grandma's name



parting thoughts



Capt. Jack Sparrow said...

You make some very good points in this entry--and you did it with humor.

Personally, Easter drives me nuts. I always have to hang out with my mom because she celebrates Easter and wants to see me on that day specifically. But to me, it's just any other day.