good morning

I am back
still more to say
many photos to share

it is April Second
time to start my day
that was tough going cold turkey on the blog for a day

okay...I am back
well, I was never gone
that said... I a still working on a comeback

last night after the boys were put to bed
well, put in bed but not asleep... Grant the smaller of the little monkeys is not yet ready to be put to bed so easily
with a fee minutes before liquor laws closed the local "package store" I marched up the road
it is just a few blocks to the main strip
a strip without really any package stores
there are multiple bodegas, countless mini-super markets, coin operated laundry places, pupusarias, and what not
beer can be purchased after 9PM
some places may even bend the rules and sell after the designated stop point
but liquor, hard liquor
there are only two actual hard liquor stores on the strip

not sure if my watch was slow I moved fast
got into the liquor store before it was time to shut down and lock down
there was a flurry of activity at the doorway
I tried to politely work my way through the madness of non-customers
avoiding eye contact not wanting to give anyone any change as it really is not spare

got a six pack of Sierra for the wife and a bottle of Sambuca for myself

with my package double bagged I made my way home
altered my route
walked past my old place on my old block
looked at the various yards admiring the spring bloom
envious of those with cherry blossom trees that are well grown and settled in

as I turned the corner I saw on the other side of the street a woman with wild hair and a brindle pit bull
as a dog owner I tend to be extra observant of people with dogs
along side of her was a young hipster dressed in the style reminiscent of how I dressed in grade school, he even had the same bruce lee bang bowl cut... running a little long... just like my grade school style
he was on a 70's road bike converted into a single speed with a sagging chain
she was strutting her stuff with the cute little doggie setting the pace
I observed them both as my mind ran through an algorhythm....
where do I know her from?
whe does she look familiar?
I scanned the dog.... the dog did not look familiar although he looked like Jake Dog when Jake Dog was a puppy... but that was a decade ago
Jake Dog no longer lives in Mount Pleasant he moved to Brooklyn with his owner some time ago

as I got closer the answer came to surface
red cruiser being walked just north of Dupont Circle
she was one of my photo subjects
she was "Pretty Girls are Prettier with bicycles"

it made me laugh how Ricky D had mocked up the image at the orignial post
with his "stalker cam" or something to that effect
had she remembered me
she most definitely would think me craze after my effort intense effort to figure out who she was over the course of one city block
considered mentioning the blog and her image
then thought it would be tough to walk the final blocks home with pepper spray in my eyes

coffee gone
blog entry completed
lisa is off to the zoo with the boys
best I use this time to walk the dogs and get on the bike
not much time before we all get on the subway and truck on over to the circus

it is good to be back
that day off was tough

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