Google News

Google is a powerful tool...
a good tool for knowledge
a good tool for information
a good tool for stalking old girlfriends or potential future restraining orders
GOOGLE NEWS is also powerful
a simple GOOGLE NEWS with the term Bicyclist comes up with a list of recent reports
none of which are good

that said...
we all need to be careful
I need to be careful
as a cyclist it is a little more than looking both ways before we cross the street
we look, we look, then we look again
I try to stay focused
I try to stay alert
sure the sites of the city capture my eye
a glance here
a second look there
must keep my attention on the tasks at hand

eye contact
try to get an idea of the car driver's goals and intention
so much can be told by the idle of the car, the condition of the car, the plates on the car, the hands placement on the steering wheel, and the eyes
always get an idea of the eyes
that way you can see if they have seen you
that way you can see what they are trying to see
chances are.... they have not seen you
anticipate their next move
dodge them
then roll along your merry way
only to prepare yourself for the next set of variables

1 comment:

tomwright said...

yah, I have a google news alert set up for bicycle news. 'tis truly a scary thing.

I have been thinking of posting these to my blog when they show up, but have not so far.