gwadzilla bows out

I made a good run for it
it was fun while it lasted
I just can not keep it up

this week was a sprint to keep it up and alive
tried to get back that feeling
it did not feel natural
it all felt forced

GWADZILLA is no more
good day
good night

time to exit the electronic world and enter the real world

sure enough
this was an April Fools Joke
as I am addicted to the blog
I could not give it up if I wanted to


Tim Grahl said...

awww come on man... please tell me this is an april fools stunt! your blog is to good to give it up!

Arleigh said...

woah woah what??

Will you email me your rants??

Come on. This better be april fool.

hippy said...

That'd be right. I finally get a computer and check your site again and it's the same day you decide to shut down. I hope it's April Fools.

Graham said...

Don't believe the hype!

He is the blog and the blog is him.

It would be like removing a life support system. Gwadzilla would just shrivel up in the corner like Gollum and wander around aimlessly for hundreds of years.