human nature

in life how we play games can be reflected how we live life

years ago the game of backgammon was a favorite of mine
in playing this game I developed an understanding of human nature
this is what I decided...

when people make a mistake in a game of backgammon it can be seen one of two ways... as a mistake or as cheating
while rolling the dice at the backgammon tables in the south of france I learned that people play the odds
to blance the scale of unlucky dice there are those that miscount

there are two mistakes... those that favor the player and those that disadvantage the player
if the backgammon player makes an error and it falls in their opponent's favor then it is an honest mistake

when that same person makes an error in counting and it is in their own favor then they are cheating
it is that simple
certain players will mistakenly miscount in their favor over and over again

this little metaphor extends to different games
this metaphor extends directly to life

borrowing stuff...
counting change...
you name it

that is how it happens
or at least
this is how I see it

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