I am Spartacus... who is Borf?

Who is Borf?

the modern age has given us GOOGLE

Pop Culture questions can so easily be answered
maybe more easily in a metropolis then in a small town

a quick google gives us a list of answers to this "Who is Borf?"
who is "Cool Disco Dan?"

then the quesiton...
Art? or Vandalism?

Verizon did a little sidewalk ad campaign
they got fined

which is fine with me


iconoclasst said...

Tag a man-made structure: Art

Tag a natural creation: Vandalism

Borf was a breath of fresh air in a city (country) that desperately needs one. The judge in his case berated him as if he were just convicted of murder; a reflection of how closely property ranks with human life in the minds of most Americans...

Verizon was simply another example of the commodification of art by commerce in its efforts to be "cool." Unfortunately, the fact that they were fined probably gave them some spurious street cred.

Leftist rant over and out...

boris859 said...

recommend checking out akayism. some of his stuff is quite awesome, at least thought provoking regardless of where you draw the art/vandalism line. -george