I love this story...

so, I raced today....
it went well
not perfect... not bad... awesome at times...
it is a long story as all my stories are long
I have yet to put it down
perhaps I will sleep on it and it will all make sense tomorrow
in the course of the evening while watching the sopranos I scanned the net for images and results

has a picture of a yeti that made me think of this story...

a number of years ago when the mother of my children was without kids and was my girlfriend and not yet my wife we took a few months to travel through southeast asia
the classic backpacker stuff.... no marco polo first ascent stuff.... but a great lonely planet experience as well....
enough on that
the thought that the lonely planet is the devil is a rant for another day
this thought of the lonely planet being the devil was a metaphor for the map in the book the beach
that may have already been blogged about
in any case

lisa and I were in nepal

no kids
no dogs
life not like our lives are now
so we are in nepal trekking on the annapurna circuit
it is actually the last day of 21 days of trekking
the whole experience was amazing
as a person who loves the mountains this was a peak in my limited mountain experiences
so it was the last miles of the last day of a 21 day trekking experience
there was great relief
we were reaching our goal
reaching physical goals brings the participants a wide range of positive emotions
our destination was just ahead
so, rather than finish up the last miles and wait at the roadside for the afternoon bus back to Pokarha
a gorka porter guide of two late teen british boys recommended stopping at the last tea house
the porter hired to cary lisa's bag did not speak english... and had never done the circuit before
so we paced ourselves of the instruction of the brits guide, kumar
kumar and our porter ravi became fast friends on this hike
doing physical things along side others builds a kinship of one kind or another
as we settle in I rest my 40 pound pack on stone wall behind me
the altitude and its change in pressure along with a menu that often consisted of dahl bat or dahl bat can alter the human internal pressure
with my pack resting on the stone wall I thought that I may be able to release some of this pressure
with a lean and a tilt I went for my descrete release
with the rumble of a giant came a throaty belt of a release
not what I expected
not what I planned
before embarresment could settle in the women turned to the women along sider here and made a few gestures around her head and uttered something in nepali
then everyone including the porters broke out in laughter

i asked the porter who was also the young brits guide what she had said
with a great nepalese smile in his eyes and in his mouth he laughed as he said
she thinks that maybe you are the yeti

I laughed too and felt that I had recovered from my awkward display

I think so yes

I blogged about this exact same story a year or two ago
just googled it
gwadzilla archive of the same story told differently
sorry.... the only thing more low brow than farting is fart stories and fart jokes
I am what I am

I did not check
but after a google this page looks like it contains my mention of the lonely planet metaphor

yeti sighting in western maryland yesterday!

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