lessons in civility

our world is on some sort of collision course

if we can not inject people with empathy
then we need to find a way to educate the generations to come how to behave appropriately
by appropriate behavior I am not talking about using the correct fork when eating your rice pudding
no... I am talking about our behavior when we interact with other people
sure holding the door open for a lady is nice... but I am talking about going one step further

children learn from their parents
I can see that the parents do not know what they are doing
so, society needs to take control
PSA? is that our best chance
because the speeding soccer mom on the cell phone is already breaking a few too many rules to try and instruct their child how to behave

get the jesus fish off the bumper
throw the yellow ribbon into the trash
all of these ideas mean nothing if you can not behave in public
if you are going to run down the women in the stroller in the cross walk on your way to church
well, just don't bother going to church
as your actions counter act your yawning in your seat... attendance will not get you into heaven
it is actions, not your number of appearance at church

divers hate speed boats moving fast at the water's surface
rowers hate jet skiies making an unpleasant wake
yet each group can not see that they are just as unpleasant to another subculture

Johns Hopkins professor, Dr Forni, teaches a class in civility

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