like they say... it sells

more cycling smut

I am really rolling my tires through the gutter
oh well....
guess spring fever has me acting extra male
I am what I am

some sort of helmets

that pose is either really hot
a tad crude as it looks like she is trying to restrain some violent bowel movement


the old bag said...

Ok, ok. UNCLE!

where's the gutter for us women?!?

gwadzilla said...

old bag-
you could view the male dominated world of cycling as eye candy
the women are the minority

give me some credit
sue haywood and marla streb are great representatives of the sport
their skills bring credit to the sport as a whole
not just to the women of the sport

as far as the rest of the stuff goes
it is all interesting marketing
why do the women at the Interbike Booths look like they do?

certainly not any OLD FROTHENSLOSH moedl in the group

gwadzilla said...

did the old bag have a birthday?

the old bag said...

The entire male-dominated world of cycling IS eye candy...but men


Women remove theirs.

Yes, they are great representatives of the sport, but why don't we ever see George in the Marla Streb pose?

(45, baby)

gwadzilla said...

happy 45th
there have been discussions and debates on this topic
the answers to these riddles have been discussed by those much more qualified than myself

some jobs lend themselves better to sales than others

if I could get more money for doing something that I am already doing
I would work it too

throw in that this hypothetical is a job that I would love
and you would pay me more if I happened to have an angle to promote myself

show me the way

until there are models with pocket protectors and greenies
I am forced to live off my direct deposit check every two weeks

that said

there are plenty of pretty faces posing for the camera

it happens in sport
it happens in art

it is not pretty
but this is our modern world

gwadzilla said...

and the pretty lady squating on the red toilet in the picture with a red helmet mural behind her
she wiggled under hot lights and made funny faces
making more money in a few hours
than she would make in a few weeks
(it is only a helmet ad)
than she would folding sweaters at the gap or taking your order at the drive through at wendy's

more power to her

the is a measure of what we will do for money

for me....
there is a measure of respect
a simple rule
could you tell your mom and dad what you do for work
that can be a simple test

many people couldn't

maybe they don't respect their line of work
we have to work

and modeling
or mountainbiking with an occassional photo shoot or interview
well... there are worse leagal ways to make money

the old bag said...

Just sayin'

wanna see

but I won't be seein'

could make a dollar
wiggling under the hot lights

now there's an interesting thought....

big stupid said...

I sent an e-mail to velonews asking them to pull a similar ad for wrenchscience.com. The ad asked the question "want high end" with a picture of a woman’s naked butt sticking in the air.

Male dominated or not these companies have an obligation. These ads do nothing but exploit women and alienate them from the sport of cycling. You could look at the ad and not even know it's for a helmet. At least not the one you put on your head.

Make the augment that more men ride bikes… but still, this is not a muscle car zine.

If your looking for soft core porn check Cinamax.

Result for the Tour of GA? Velonews

later blog master 2000 (aka Gwadzilla)

gwadzilla said...

big stupid...
old bag...
anyone who may have been offended by my posting some cycing images/cycling ads that may qualify as soft porn

the fact is
it is up to the woman to be photographed or not to be photographed
these women are being no more exploited than a college basketball player on full scholarship in an institution their acedemic performance would not be good enough for them to get access

the relationship is mutual

both parties get something
both parties get what they want
the athlete gets the scholarship, the education (if they choose), and the opportunity to play college hoops (which is the natural stepping stone to the pros)

the same goes for models and modeling
strippers and stripping
hos and ho-ing
it is their choice
both parties get what they want

as far as using sex to market the product
is it effective?

it got me to look at the ads
did it get me to buy the product?
I do not even know what the product name is...

to my credit
as I mentioned
I also used Marla Streb and Sue Haywood as "pin up girls" in that same stretch of "smut"
and well
they are attractive
but part of what makes them so attractive
is that they are so damn good on the bike

this is an interesting arguement

as said
if someone paid me more for doing what I do because they thought I was cute
I would not disagree
if I could change careers and get a job because in the interview situation the employer thought it would be nice to see me moving around the office
would I complain?

people play both sides of the coin

Marla played it to her advantage
Madonna played it to her advantage

the women in those ads...
they well may prefer the high paying job of modeling over real work

in so many cases both parties benefit

was madonna exploited?
was marla exploited?

you will have to ask them

-blog master 2.0

the old bag said...

not arguing
not offended with your choice of posting
not disagreeing that $$ can be made


but guys aren't as often put into the situation

- OB

(cyclingnews over velonews any day)