a little help here

I am trying to write an article for SPOKES magazine highlighting some of the top mountainbike races in the Mid-Atlantic region...

comment or email me with a list of two or three
along with a reason why

appreciate it


Rocco said...

does SPOKES have a link?

Buddy said...

Granogue, Because it is brutally hard but still fun.
Fair hill, Most single speed friendly race around.
Michaux, Epic

gwadzilla said...

no Internet presence for SPOKES
thanks Buddy!

any more
any one
Bueller? Bueller?

we need some more words

cargo mike said...

greenbrier, I used to do this every year maybe from 96-2000? Now I am getting back into racing this year and it will be the first race of the season. Talking to other mtb folk it seems like that will be their first one as well. Seems like the unofficial inaugural for the area, maybe I am wrong but it is still good to see that the race is still going on after all these years.

gwadzilla said...

thanks to any and all that responded here or emailed me personally

it was a big help

I used the quotes and perspectives of others rather than just putting down my own thoughts

hope it works