marriage and marathons

marriage is an endurance race
perhaps the most difficult endurance race I have ever experienced

so often I will encounter someone in a relationship
they live with their significant other and well...
when I say I am married
they say they are not married, but that they live with their significant other and that it pretty much the same thing

a marathon is a race
26.2 miles is a distance
by running 26.2 miles you have not run a marathon
you have run a distance
it just is not the same thing
but different
why is it different?
I do not know
it just is


stupid said...

Interesting. While I don't doubt the level of some "co-habitating" couple's commitments, I agree that it is not the same. And I know from experience that it changes (at least for me)once the vows are(were) said.

gwadzilla said...

yes mr 99
it changes
in some ways it should not change
in others ways it must change
it does not always change for the better

I know a story of a woman that dated a man for 11 years
that eleven years involved what any long term relationship may involve
then they decided to get married
they were not married 11 months
what changed?
what was different?
I am not sure
something about marriage

Gaz said...

It's certainly not the same. I live with my fiance. We get married next year (EXACTLY next year - April 28, 2007.)

Despite us living together, and having unofficially promised to spend our lives together, we still have an out. We can still decide to go our seperate ways, move out, and be living completely different lives within weeks. Not so in a marraige.

Atkinson said...

Living together and marriage... one goes bad and you pay the price of a daily UHaul rental. The other goes bad and you pay a lawyer the balance of your life savings.

gwadzilla said...

I have another rule....

if it takes you longer than 4 hours
you did not "run" a marathon
you completed a marathon
in which case
it may have been less espensive to pay a cab to take you exactly 26.2 miles from home
and then walk back
you would not get a shirt
you would leave a space at the marathon for someone who wants to run it