Metal Cowboy takes his kids for a bike ride

Joe Kurmaskie, aka The Metal Cowboy, has an article in The Men's Journal
but that is what is not so impressive
sure the article is interesting and well written
it is the story and the action that took place that is really amazing

Joe took his kids for a bike ride
Joe took his kids for a 2 month long cross country bike ride
take a look a the article
the kids most certainly saw sunrises and sunsets that most of us have only seen in National Geographic Magazine
there may have been moments of boredom for his 5 and 7 year old on their long days on the bike
but... I would have to say
the positive moments of their experience would clearly outweigh the negative
good work joe
it is an amazing feat

that article is being expanded into a book that should be out this fall
I will certainly keep my eye out for it!

so... there are options other than the basic 9-5
I think the invite to Sharyl and Lance may need to be sent to different addresses

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