The Monkey has Landed!

the monkey has landed
long live the monkey

the monkey rules the wasteland

a few weeks ago I noticed a crack in my Surly Karate Monkey Single Speed's frame
it was a tad frustrating
yet I was not worried
I rode the bicycle home and then made contact with the folks at City Bikes
sure enough... the scrutiny of the professional eye made note of the crack and took the bike in to be shipped to Surly

Surly looked at the bike and okayed a warranty replacement

music to my ears!

warrantly replacement!
like getting a new bike

a few weeks later brings us to the present time

the monkey has landed and is in the last stages of assembly and tune up

just in time to be ridden and raced
the old monkey was military green

the new monkey is skid mark brown

actually... I see it as a nice brown with a hint of bronze

quite pretty
to my eye
I am psyched

I love my monkey
yes, I love my monkey even if it is a tad heavy

thanks City Bikes for taking care of this

thanks Surly for doing me right on the warranty
that is awesome

standing behind your product is vital

keeping me one happy Surly customer with two Surly bikes
and no hesitation to ever buy another
well... hesitation yes... clearance from my wife would be needed before making any such purchase

(careful those that do not care for smut... the recent image on the Surly Blog is too revealing for some eyes)

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