my space seems like happy hour at the beach in SoCal 24-7


retisonic at myspace

cool to sit back and let the track play
I am wondering how jason is hanging low tech with all this tech stuff
he has always liked it old and broken
the character of old
rather than the cookie cutter new

fort knox five at myspace

also has live music pumping through if you let the main page load
good stuff
although I am familiar with it as I have some of this material on cd already
while the Jason Farrell stuff is far from what I am used to listening to these days

been a long time since I snuck around myspace
it is kind of weird in there
although I like to open the in the background and listen to the music
and well
I like to people watch
if this had existed when I was younger.... I would have been stoked on it
it is like Chat Room 6.0!


it is not really my thing
just the same... it is interesting to see
a whole lot of networking going on in there
as I have nothing to sell
I am not sure I have any reason to be there

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