not a bike... but it has wheels

not much to be said
there is a notion that there will always be poor
but... it is hard to think about us trying to fix the problems in Iraq
while we have a country filled with its own set of problems
we are trying to shove democracy down their throats
I wonder.... do we live in a democracy?

I would love to see this country behave like the world leader it claims to be
lead through example
feed our poor
education for all
take care of our old
and all those other things that should be basic in our world

everyone has a story....
I wonder what this woman's story is
life is hard with a full time job and a house
I can not imagine what this woman goes through each day


iconoclasst said...

"Feed our poor/Education for all/Take care of our old"

Careful, my friend, you're beginning to sound like a (gasp!) Socialist! ;)

Democracy? A more apt term might be plutocracy, which explains the missing socialist components you bemoan.

gwadzilla said...

for those who have not been...
chase that link to Wrench in the Gears
where ICONOCLASST does his blog thing
well worth a look
as he is more clear in his thoughts than someone like me

iconoclasst said...

You're too kind, but my "clarity" is no match for your profuseness!

gwadzilla said...

thanks for nothing...
giving me props for quantity over quality
a real compliment

hoo rah for posting posting and posting again

forgive me
blogging is a disorder

iconoclasst said...

Hey man, I made no comments on quality or lack thereof. I simply pointed out what I considered a notable aspect of your blog. My apologies if it came across as a swipe...not my intention at all.

Your blog is pretty popular; draw your own conclusions about quality.

Gettin' sensitive in your old age?...

gwadzilla said...

now Iconoclasst is calling me old

what is up here?

no respect for their elders