original ideas

this weekend past was beautiful
spring has sprung or whatever catch phrase you want to insert there

sunday morning offered a window of opportunity that saturday did not
there was time for the bike
lisa was set to meet a friend and her kids at the zoo
that meeting never happened, but lisa took the boys to the zoo just the same

while they were at the zoo with a million other people I escaped to walk the dogs then ride the bike
the walk with the dogs was people free
the trails of Rock Creek Park that I selected had no other hikers, runners, or dog walkers that crossed my path
I took a few minutes to throw a few logs over the trail
some anti-erosion barriers
over the years I have taken the roll or Ranger Rick that Rabid Raccoon
this is a good time of year for such an effort
the rains of spring are soon to arrive
these natural log barriers catch the top soil run off and terrace things to make stairs and to hold off camber hills
(saturday involved some of the same on different trails)

after some time in the woods I noticed time was slipping away
my window was closing
as we had tickets for the circus that afternoon
the transition from dog walker to cyclist was fast
my course was plotted for Kenwood Maryland to roll past the cherry blossoms
to have my skinny tires roll over the carpet of pink cherry blossom pedals

this idea was less than original
my Capitol Crescent Trail experience was the exact opposite of my Rock Creek Park experience
the path was mobbed
more helmetless kids with idiot parents then I would ever care to see
more cyclists playing chicken with me causing me to say "joker" so many times that my throat grew hoarse
the cherry blossoms were beautiful
as a sunset may be beautiful when shared with another
that same sunset is less beautiful when pinned in a crowd like a calve headed off to slaughter

my pass through Kenwood was rapid
too many people doing ignorant things
had I had the boys in the trailer it would have been different
there were lemonade stands every third house
each with gormet cookies

returned home faster than planned
wanted to ride for 2 hours
went out for just shy of an hour and a half
it all adds up
but I feel I need dirt and some miles if I plan on racing this spring
tooling through the cherry blossom festival does not constitute training

that photo was from last week before work

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