parkour... it is interesting that it is given a name and a philosophy
then again I never saw it as a focus
urban obstacles were just part of our crossing town
but the world of parkour has taken crossing town to a whole nother level
parkour is like a sport
in the same way that skateboarding can be a social activity and a sport
only without the board

what is interesting about parkour and the sub culture that surrounds it is the existence of a modern day paradox
while parkour takes no equipment what so ever... just your body and the surroundings
it seems that documenting the action seems like part of the excitment

parkour is so simple it is virtually timeless
yet there are these kids that take still photos and video then make mini-movies on their computers
it is the wonderful modern cross of high tech and low tech
and a great deal of it is really cool
the music, the edits, and the tools used to create the record is all very high tech

my four year old is hooked
we have not made a movie yet
he and his buddy have already been pushing me
I need some more little mpegs
then I need to figure out iMovie
and I need to keep my four year old from jumping off something too high
while I need to try and keep my 2 year old from jumping at all

here is GOOGLE VIDEO RESUTLTS for Parkour
the music and the edits really capture the energy in some of these short videos


pedalmaniac said...

That's great, now I know the name of what I do with my kids all the time in the park. I called it "balance training." We go into the woods once or twice a week and jump from log to log, hop off rocks, run up trees. The kids love it. I think it will help them later on in life -- by improving their balance.
Good videos on google as well.

gwadzilla said...

it is natural
it is fun
all kids love to run and climb
all of us still have a little peter pan in us

it is fun to see the limits of this stuff
the composing of videos is an interesting twist
adds to the creativity of where and what