powers for good rather than evil

a friend of mine went to law school
actually... a number of friends of mine went to law school
I am not so bright
thus... no need for me to go to law school

a friend peter has decided to use some of his powers for good rather than evil
Dear Cycling Friends,

I'm thrilled to announce that scbikelaw.com is live!

The site is designed to be a legal resource for SC cyclists. Please take a look and send me your comments.

It will get better over time, with more information about laws and advocacy. Especially concerning the great work of Natalie and Paul of the Palmetto Cycling Coalition to improve SC bike laws. And the local work of Charleston Moves

Bike to work!


P.S. Robert Prioleau and others from Blue Ion and Tom Jeffrey and Brady Waggoner from Hook are responsibile for this site. These guys are the BEST!
that is good stuff
-gwa monster out

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