scotty... again

here is scotty again
I saw scotty this morning
not when I took this shot
but when I was riding across town before work
it was rather comical

scotty was in the right hand lane headed downtown
I was taking a left to drop something off at my son's school
saw scotty.... so I went against traffic towards scotty
he drifted to one side of the lane
I drifted to that same side
the blocks closed in as we each pedaled closer
this game of cat and mouse became a game of chicken as we got closer
as we came closer and closer I could see the frustration in his face raise
then... he recognized me
the anger turned to laughter
I turned around and we coasted in the same direction and talked
it was a short exchange
a nice exchange
it is always nice to see familiar faces and friends
traveling by bicycle grants certain freedoms that a car does not

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gwadzilla said...

a funny thing about Scotty....
a year or so ago I gave him a full mountainbike
nothing special
just a mid-80's ATB
something that a friend was getting rid of as he leaped into the modern age

I have yet to see scotty on this bike

the same goes for other messengers/old cycling friends who I gave bikes, frames, and gear to

they are still on the machines they were on before I passed off my old bikes and parts