side effects of spring

this morning I started out fine
quite good actually
then as I walked down the alley behind my house I started to get grumpy
it is spring
people have started to do their yard work
so many people think that the section of park and woods near their house are their dumping grounds for their yard clippings

this is not how compost works
this is dumping

they know it is wrong
yet they do it
they may claim that they do not think it is wrong
I bet cash money that it the timing were such that there were a DC police officer or a Park police officer parked next to where they were going to drop their dumpings
well, they would not do it
they would wait
I am sure that these folks look both ways to make sure it is clear before they throw their shit into the woods

sure their yard clippings are not as bad as the christmas trees with the stand still attached and the lights just unplugged
and sure the christmas trees and wreaths are not as bad as the bottles and cans
sure the bottles and cans are not as bad as the engine blocks and the old tires
all of these things add up
life is cumulative
the good things are cumulative
the bad things are cumulative

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