we all deal with stress
some people manage stress better than others
in our lives we have to learn to cope with stress
at home with our families
at work with our various tasks
in our social interactions
in the games that we play

everyone deals with stress
certainly, some people deal with stress better than others

think of athletes and musicians
just because they are on the professional or elite level does not mean that they do not deal with stress
no... I am sure that most every professional athlete deals with some pre-game jitters... especially when that game will weigh as more than just another win/loss in the record books
these people have learned to channel that energy on game day
instead of letting that energy become a negative and buckling under the pressure
they harness that energy and turn it into a positive and let that energy take them to the next level

certainly Mick Jagger gets a little nervous as he takes the stage at the half time of the Superbowl
just because he has been doing his rock thing for 300 years does not mean that he no longer gets nervous
certainly not.... Mick has learned to control his stress and channel his energy
as crawling into the corner and bitting his nails is not an option
instead he moves about the stage like a rooster doing a mating dance in front of his hens

we all need to keep control of our levels of stress
there are a world of mechanisms that people use to combat stress

here is a VW AD from Germany on YouTube that may lighten your mood
it may offend you
here is a different video also from YouTube of a similar tone
both shared with me from Gibby (who has not kept up on his Internet presence)

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