Where is Dan Comber?

Does anyone know how to get in touch with Dan Comber of bikeracing.com?

I wanted to interview him for an article for SPOKES magazine
but none of his information on his site seems to be matching up
the phone number went to voice mail which had the voice of someone's grandmother
the emails are bouncing back

I know from talking to him that he has a tree business
but, he seems to lack a web presence

if anyone has his contact information feel free to email it to me
as I would love to write an article about the Rise and Fall of Dan Comber's Race Series

appreciate it

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Rick said...

Hey I was just searching for www.bikeracing.com and ran across this post. Did you ever get in touch with him. That would be a great article to write. Especially from his perspective and the amount of entrants there were in the beginning. I raced the series a lot and miss those days. Would love to find out if anything came of your article.

Rick Barlow
Richmond, Virginia