while we are on the topic

while we are on the topic of the dangers of living
here is a gwadzilla archive from roughly a year ago
last year was a difficult year for me and the bike

in my first race I crashed on the first rock... the tale of the race and the injury are at the archived page
(I did finish the race... fixing a flat was a bitch with a dislocated and broken index finger on one hand)

then in the fall... on my first off road ride on a new cross bike I dislocated my shoulder
that is two trips to the Emergency Room in six months
proving that after one injury... you do not get knocked off the list for mishaps/accidents/crashes

a great gwadzilla archive (#3) with some messenger photos from December of last year
(some good shots of Cargo Mike and his Cargo Bike... as well as a kid on a kruiser)

all these pages are worth a look
take a glance
when I get a break I will blog about the present day

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