always curious about this sort of stuff

this guy erwin bakker alledgedly raced in europe under a different name
this is with a lifetime ban from racing

the curious thing...
is he still cheating?


if he is banned
why does he have sponsors?


that whole rosie ruiz thing is weird to me

in college I played soccer
our team was not so good
I was a starter but clearly not the best man on the team
we lost almost all the games we played
all I could do was my part
my part and more... all I could do was play every minute as if the score was zero zero and we had a chance to win

during this time I had a variety of friends with a variety of interests
most of us shared one great interest in common.... drinking
along with drinking came talking shit

there was this guy on the sailing team who had a pretty solid record on the sailing team
he sailed collegiately
he sailed internationally
I knew nothing about sailing
so little about sailing that I often toss it into the lump with golf and that question...
is it a sport?
any way... not hear to push buttons and ruffle feathers
back to my drunken point
so.... this guy went to europe and where ever to race dingy sailboats

somewhere along the line I had heard about some rules to sailing
something about physics or kinetics
something about rocking the boat and pumping the sail
apparently this guy was caught breaking these rules

we talked about winning and winners like rosie ruiz's
a combination of being drunk now and being drunk then has the memory blurred
but I think he felt win at any cost
that would be like snatching the king before starting a game of chess and running away
that would not be winning in a game of chess
would it?

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gwadzilla said...

on a side note...
in college I was a moderately physical soccer player
always got the ball
went ahead and took the man
it was part of the process

sometimes they got a call

it was part of the game
it was part of the mental game

withing the limits of the game
my feeling... you pass the ball... no chance of being tackled
you try and make me look like a chump by dribbling right by me...
well.... I am going to do my best to stop that from happening