back on the monkey

as the boys splash in the tub I type on the keyboard
where is my morning coffee?
I should be drinking my coffee as the boys splash in the tub

"keep it in the tub" I yell over my shoulder in a fatherly voice
they ignore me
just as I ignored my father's fatherly voice at their age

well, I the Surly Karate Monkey Single Speed is back in the rotation
back into active duty
rode the KM to work yesterday
hold on... the sound of splashing has increased

gotta mop up the bathroom

my younger son has poured a 32 ounce nalgene bottle full of water on the tile floor
towels are on the floor
cleaned it all up
dressed the younger boy as he cried
I wanna take a bath
I wanna take a bath
my older son was able to dress himself with the clothing I selected
no complaints... bonus
the joys of fatherhood

now that coffee and off to work

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