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this was shared with me by hound dog
although I went to high school with one of the contributors of the ebykr site
I am not sure I know him
although is very attractive older sister was in my graduating class

check out the images and the words



Akilles said...

hey - i feel like a doof - what IS that cylinder mounted up front??? looks kindo like led lights...

rickyd said...

If it was up to me, it'd be a mini gatling gun for them pesky SUVs. Alas, it isn't, nor could I find it on BG's site.

gwadzilla said...

here is the gatling gun link
not only effective


Akilles said...

you know, I don't care for guns much, but the thought of hauling that behind my kuwahara thru traffic is just too pretty.

Gaz said...

Um, yeah, that does look like weaponry! A frame mounted gun is sure to be the must have accessory for the new season. The damage I could do with that on the W&OD to ignorant roadies would be treeeee-mendous! ;)