cabin john trails

this month in SPOKES magazing I wrote an article on a dirt endurance ride
a ride from the US Capitol Building to the Cabin John Trails just outside the beltway

that article should be out in a week or so at your favorite Mid-Atlantic bicycle shop or gym
if they do not carry SPOKES.... ask em
it is free
what have they got to lose
the cycling culture has everything to gain

this weekend past I did a fraction of that ride
only riding more road rather than dirt
starting in bethesda and ending home
rather than the capitol building back to capitol building
okay... I did not do that ride
but I did ride to Cabin John and then back home this weekend

the spring weather was awesome
my bike and my body held up pretty good
was a tad hung over
managed to sweat it out

that is a fantastic dirt ride...
I wonder how much of a dirt ride could be created to get out to Schaeffer Famrs?
how would that work?
maybe I will toy with that idea
I have heard it talked about
wonder what the route from downtown DC to Schaeffer would be.....

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