CO2 and 29ers

new toys...
recently I got a Serfas CO2 cartridge
brought it along at Lodi Farms
was pleased I did not need to use it
then used it to top off my tire out on the trail a Schaeffer
then today at Gambril State Park with my brother I got a flat
was going to walk it back to the car as we were less than a mile from finishing our ride
but went ahead and fixed it as it needed to be fixed sometime
went right past the Crank Brothers mini pump and got out the Serfas CO2 cartridge bike pump
part of the process was learning to use this tool for when I would need it
I learned a few things
learned how to use the pump... easy enough
learned that it may take more than one cartridge to fill a 29 inch tube
that is tood to know
these things may be great in an an intense race situation
but no need to fill the landfill for the average flat situation
I am not that lazy

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boris859 said...

very interesting tool...